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Tips for Selling

Like bees to a honey pot, a home that is nicely presented inside and out tends to attract buyers much quicker when selling. When your home is easier to sell you could also be in a great position to negotiate agent selling fees if looking for an agent to sell your home. Here are a few simple tips to consider.

1. De-Clutter

Remove excess personal belongings and don’t block walkways with large furniture etc. and. These things make the room feel cluttered and much smaller. Consider putting them into storage for the sales period.

2. Paint

Sometimes the most obvious faults are simple and inexpensive to fix. You might freshen up those worn areas with a coat of paint, fix any doors that need repair or need adjustment to open properly. Fix holes in fly screens on windows and doors, check runners on back sliding doors and windows, often the most obvious and simple things can make all the difference, they are not expensive.

3. Check the doormat

First impressions, if its worn out, what message are you sending. A new one could showcase a nice entrance.

4. Trim back overgrown bushes

If you have a big lot then cut the grass and trim edges and let the buyers see just how big and open the garden is. If you have a small well maintained area you use for entertainment show it at its best with seating and pot plants, make it inviting.

5. Clean windows

Window coverings such as blinds should be in working or curtains drawn. Clean off any dirt on window sills . If you are looking for more light replacing globes with more brighter globes can work.

6. Clean up 

Yards, walls, entertainment areas and walkways. Mould and dirt make an area look damp, so give them a good clean up.

7. Check locks to doors and windows 

Make sure keys ae available to fit locks. If locks or door handles are faulty replace them. When you sell your home the buyer will want to feel safe when they move in.

8. House temperature 

Prior to viewings, heat in Winter, cool it in Summer. Depending what you have available, turn on air conditioner, ceiling  fans, if fitted with screens open windows, doors and let fresh air circulate.  Do whatever it takes to make the room temperature pleasant. It also shows buyers what is working and what is not.

9. Pot pourri / Pefumed Candles / plug in freshener sticks

Cooking smells linger, sometimes long after. So if you have one of those candles or fresheners it can create a nice atmosphere in the house.

10. Pets and Animals

Not all buyers are accustomed to pets in the home. Clean up after them. It is a good idea to remove them from the home during inspections. Some dogs can scare even the toughest guys so make sure if they stay they are confined and properly retrained to allow people to freely move around.

11. Viewing Times 

It is often best to present your home in daylight. When the house is open for inspection, have all room lights on during viewing periods. As light shines and bounces off walls it can create a more pleasant atmosphere.


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