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Some handy tips before leaving your property

Congratulations, your house is now sold.

Here are some handy tips before leaving your property:

Make sure if you are moving into a new home the agent has provided you with all the keys.

  • Discontinue the electricity, water, gas and telephone. Do not leave notification of the authorities till the last minute as in some cases, meters must be read.
  • Redirect your mail at the post office.
  • Advise all who need to know of your change of address. As well as family and friends, these may include your bank, solicitor, credit card company, insurance company, telephone company, Social Security, the tax office, your child’s school and all the organisations and clubs you might belong to. Change your address on your driver’s license.
  • Cancel your deliveries, such as milk, newspapers, etc.





This article courtesy of the Real Estate Institute of Australia

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