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Tips for selling

  1. De-Clutter – Remove excess personal belongings and don’t block walkways with large furniture etc. and. These things make the room feel cluttered and much smaller. Consider putting them into storage for the sales period.
  2. Paint or change the weathered front door – First impressions counts.
  3. Get rid of the old yucky  doormat –a new one is very inexpensive.
  4. Cut overgrown bushes back – Let the buyers see just how big and open the garden is.
  5. Clean all windows – You will be surprised how much extra light gets in.
  6. Power hose – Yards, walls and walkways. Mould and dirt make an area look damp.
  7. Replace low wattage globes with 100 watt globes and make sure all room lights and lamps are on during the viewing periods (even during the brightest day, this will create a more pleasant atmosphere).
  8. Music – Radio or cd, it all adds to the inviting atmosphere.
  9. Heat the house – Prior to viewings in Winter, cool it in Summer, air conditioner, fan, windows open, whatever it takes to make the room temperature pleasant.
  10. Bake a cake an hour before the open – It will create a warming home atmosphere  in the house.
  11. And last of all – Pick the viewing times when the house is in its best light.